Smart Notify Unlocker

Smart Notify Unlocker

Smart Notify Unlocker

Milan Vyšata Communication

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Unlock Locked App Without Password

Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo / Vodafone V889n Direct Unlock with Sigma

iRadish Y6 HD Display Unlock GSM Smart Watch Phone & Bluetooth Synced Android Smartphone

- Fast and synoptic popup window notification of the new SMS, missed calls, WhatsApp, Google+, Facebook and other messages
- Unlocks application Smart Notify for full functionality
- Popup window displays the details for all events
- Own reminder interval
- Own transparency of popup window
- Unlimited count of contacts for number settings
- Tone of the alarm temperature battery
- Tone when you disconnect the charging status display battery charge and temperature
- Tone when connecting / disconnecting WiFi


Notice: This app is visible in application list only and isn't visible in any launcher. It must be only installed.